COIA Steering Committee

The revised by-laws of the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) called for a restructuring of the COIA Steering Committee into nine positions to better enact COIA business and to help ensure a smaller, more committed and active representation of the COIA member universities’ interests.

The following individuals have been elected to fill the nine positions on the 2017-18 COIA Steering Committee.  We are very pleased to have such distinguished, and committed, faculty scholars on the new Steering Committee.

Please contact any of the new Steering Committee members if you have any questions, and please give them thanks for their willingness to serve.

Joan King (Louisiana State University) Vice-Chair

Bonnie Ownley (University of Tennessee): Chair

Jane Albrecht (Wake Forest University)

Lawrence Gramling (University of Connecticut)

Scott Gwozdz (University of Colorado at Boulder)

Kelley Withy (University of Hawaii)

Adrien Bouchet (University of Tulsa)

John Putman (San Diego State University)

Mike Bowen (University of South Florida): Immediate Past-Chair