Steering Committee

Chair (Outgoing)

Mike Bowen (South Florida) e-mail Mike

Founding co-chairs

Jim Earl (Oregon)
Bob Eno (Indiana)

Past co-chairs

Carole Brown (Wake Forest)
John Nichols (Penn State)
Ginny Shepherd (Vanderbilt)
Ken Struckmeyer (Washington State)
Nathan Tublitz (Oregon)

Steering Committee (2017-2018)

Jane Albrecht (Wake Forest University)
Lawrence Gramling (University of Connecticut) (1 year term)
Scott Gwozdz (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Joan King (Louisiana State University)
Bonnie Ownley (University of Tennessee)
Kelley Withy (University of Hawaii)
Adrien Bouchet (Tulsa)
William Weibold (Missouri)
 Mike Bowen (University of South Florida) (3-year term) as  immediate past-Chair under the by-laws