Why Should My Institution Join?

COIA is a national, grass-roots faculty governance organization whose goal is to promote comprehensive reform of intercollegiate sports. Our membership consists of NCAA (Division 1) campus faculty governance bodies, not individual faculty. COIA is the only national organization of campus faculty governance bodies on any issue. Our current membership is listed here. We work by means of flexible consensus, guided by the values and principles articulated in our policy papers. We generally present our recommendations as best practices that campuses can use to guide their local athletic governance.

A hallmark of the COIA is that we are respectful of institutional differences and embrace our differences as a strength rather than a weakness. We do not require a lockstep agreement – it is likely that no single member senate agrees with every one of the many proposals and best practice standards the COIA membership has adopted. Our internal governance structure is informal. The chair and national steering committee work together to provide direction for the COIA on a day-to-day basis. Papers, major issues, and policies are discussed and decided by the entire membership.

An important COIA work product has been our surveys, papers, and reports on intercollegiate sports reform. 

We have developed strong working ties with the NCAA, the Knight Commission, the Division 1A Faculty Athletics Representatives, and many other national groups involved in intercollegiate sports.

How Can My Institution Join?

Full membership in COIA is limited to NCAA FBS (formerly Division IA) schools. Becoming a member of COIA simply requires a vote of the faculty governing body.

There are no obligations to membership in the COIA; there are no dues, and participation in our annual meetings is completely voluntary. The internal processes and procedures we use are set for in our by-laws. We encourage and hope for active participation from all our members. We do not require a lockstep agreement–indeed no single member senate agrees with every one of the many proposals and best practice standards the Coalition membership has adopted. We work through flexible consensus, guided by values and principles as set forth in our policy papers and reports.

Member senates appoint a COIA representative to be a liaison between the COIA and the faculty senate. This may or may not be the current senate president/chair. The institutional COIA representative receives all COIA communications and is strongly encouraged to participate in our online discussions and annual meetings.  If the COIA representative is not the current faculty senate president/chair, the latter also receives all COIA information and is welcome to participate in all COIA discussions.

For additional information, please feel free to contact our current chair, Joan King (Louisiana State University).